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No need to buy a top hat, bow tie, suspenders or a Hawaiian lei!

Saturday 6 June 2020

10:45 am - 11:45 am

5 x 1 hour weekly contemporary beginner ukulele group lessons for adults.

$149 (5 weeks)

*All classes will be conducted online via Zoom.

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Learn to create beautiful expressive music without leaving home.

Over 80 SIMPLE, easy-to-follow video tutorials that will make your ukulele playing sound more interesting so you can enjoy greater confidence and expression when playing.

Discover over 10 hours of essential resources that FINALLY make ukulele simple and get you to the next level easily.

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Over 40 video lessons to take you from novice ukulele player to being able to play your first songs!

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Become part of Alison's inner-circle of ukulele students who get amazing results!

Ukulele Club with Alison Glew is a way to get access to Alison's Ukulele workshops and lessons ONLINE.

Each week she teaches so many cool songs and techniques on ukulele in private lessons and workshops, including all the intricate strumming patterns, riffs and finger-picking... and now she'll share them with you!

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Private, Semi-Private and Group Ukulele Lessons

Adults and children +7
Ukulele has become very popular in recent years due to bands and artists such as Train, Eddie Vedder, Jason Marz, 21 Pilots, Grace Vanderwall, Cavetown, Dodie Clarke and Vance Joy. 
Learning ukulele is a wonderful instrument for anyone to learn, but especially for children and seniors attempting a musical instrument for the first time.
It's very portable (perfect for the beach, caravan or an afternoon sitting on the porch). It's easier to learn than guitar and a great starting instrument for children because of it's size.
However, don't be fooled! Ukulele is a legitimate instrument and is just as challenging.
Teachers at Alison Glew Guitar School specialise in teaching ukulele and understand that it isn't just a mini-guitar. We respect ukulele and enjoy sharing the intricacies, unique techniques and styles that make ukulele a global phenomenon. 
We offer private, semi-private and group workshops in ukulele for adults, children and teens.
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Ukulele Jam with Alison Glew

There is a massive ukulele community in W.A. with thousands of musicians and hundreds of groups in just about every corner of the state. 
There are Ukulele Festivals all over the country and incredibly talented Ukulele Artists who visit from all over the world to run workshops and concerts. 
Alison Glew is well respected in the Ukulele Community in W.A. running specialist workshops and Ukulele Jam (Facebook Group) with over 400 members from all over the world. 
You're welcome to join the private Facebook Group Ukulele Jam with Alison Glew where Alison shares lots of ukulele related tips and tutorials.
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