Meet Our Students


"My Grandpa got me a guitar for my birthday. I hadn't asked for one but had a few lessons and love it. I like playing songs that I love. It calms me down when I'm angry and really helps me. I like learning here because I get to have fun, learn songs I like and Alison makes it easy."

Zac was gifted a guitar for his 8th birthday a year and a half ago and has been learning with Alison since. His favourite song to play is Viva La Vida by Cold Play and is favourite band is The Beatles. He's currently working on Old Town Road by Lil Naz and Billy Ray Cyrus.

The biggest challenge that Zac has had to date is learning rhythm patterns and chord changes but because he practices regularly (at least 4 times a week) he always improves and is getting better and better each week.


"The most difficult part of learning guitar was changing chords fast but by practicing over and over again I can now do it! Guitar is a really cool instrument and I love how versatile it is. the best bit about learning here is getting to choose the songs I want to learn.:

Roisin has been only been learning guitar with us for a couple of months but is a quick study! She's currently working on Hendrix style chord melodies and "Say Anything" by Girl In Red. Her solid understanding of musical theory and love for self education (outside of lessons) has made her experienced in sitting down and working music out on her own while having fun!


"The best thing about learning a Alison Glew Guitar School are the teachers, chocolates, student performance and cool songs."

Zach has been learning acoustic guitar for about 1 year with us. He's currently working on "Roar" by Katy Perry… and not the easy version with a capo either! Zach is a tenacious student and has recently moved onto barre chords and is nailing it!


"The hardest thing about learning guitar was remembering the chord shapes but now I can play them!"

Isabel's Grandma bought her a guitar for Christmas and she's been learning with us now for over a year. Her bright and happy personality is a delight to have in the studio! She's currently working on "That's My Girl" by Fifth Harmony and loves the end of term chocolates.


"The hardest thing to learn so far was the chord riff for "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie but I can do it now! I came from learning piano but chose to learn guitar because it's fun."

Charlotte started learning with us for 2 years ago in a semi-private lesson with her cousin before swapping to private lessons this year. She performed a couple of group pieces in the April 2019 Student Performance and currently her favorite song to play is "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons.



"I wanted to learn ukulele because I learned some at school and I liked it. I really like the teachers here because they're friendly."

Seth has been learning ukulele with us for 6 months and his current favorite song to play is "Old Town Road" by Lil Naz X and Billy Ray Cyrus. The biggest challenge for Seth so far was changing to a G chord quickly but Seth's teacher, James, started with a stripped down version of the chord and once he'd mastered the "easy" version he built the chord into the full shape. Now Seth can play the chord comfortably and change on time.

Sahana and Seenu

"I really like the friendly staff and learning songs straight away."

This fabulous Dad and daughter team have been learning guitar together in semi-private lessons with us for 6 months. Seenu always wanted to learn an instrument as a child growing up in India but didn't have the chance until now. Understanding rhythm and timing has been the trickiest part so far but togehter they're making great progress each week! Sahana finds counting the beats out loud help and Seenu tries to practice for at least an hour a week. They're currently working on the riff for "Smoke On The Water" which is the law of guitar!


"I'm currently working on finger picking which is hard because I'm more comfortable playing with a pick… My pick is my "boi"! I'm getting better at it now though. Learning power chords was hardest thing to learn because they were hard to hold but by playing the songs that have them in it over and over, I'm getting better at them. The best bit about learning here are the cats, lol!"

Leah has been learning guitar with us for over 4 years starting out in our Beginner Guitar Group and moving into an Intermediate Level last year. She now has a large collection of songs and enjoys choosing random ones during the week to play for fun. The group is currently working on "Gold On The Ceiling" by the Black Keys. Leah loves performing and is also involved in Scouts and Theatre Arts.


"My favourite song to play is Paradise City by Guns and Roses. It's fun to play because it has lots of parts to it, the solo, riff and picking over the chords. The best things about learning here is that I get to learn by myself at my own pace."

Kane has been learning guitar with us for 3 years. He spent the first two years learning contemporary music on a classical guitar before saving up his pocket money to buy his first electric guitar a year ago. He practices regularly, at least 15-20 minutes a day building on his skills week to week. Kane says his biggest challenge at the moment is finger-picking, "my fingers don't sit on the strings properly and I can't pick with enough power". We've been working on finger placement and dynamics along with improvisation and solos. Kane chose guitar because he wanted to learn an instrument and thought it would be fun. He now gets to enjoy jamming with his friend Archie who is also a student at Alison Glew Guitar School.


"I wanted to learn guitar because it’s a creative and interesting musical instrument. I like learning here because Alison is a great teacher and makes it easy to learn."

Isla is one of our longest students here. She has been having consistent weekly lessons for over 5 years (since she was 6). When we asked what her favorite song was to play she said "oh, that's a hard one!" then chose "Ha Ya!" By Outcast. Islas mature, quirky and eclectic taste in music is so refreshing. She actively listens to music and is self motivated to find songs that have loads of interesting and complicated guitar pieces in them. She's currently working the finger picking for "Youth" by Daughter and building up her speed so she can match the track. She practices everyday if she's working on something difficult and is an absolute pleasure to teach.


"I didn't know that I could play songs that didn't have ukulele in them, so it's been really fun learning choosing the songs I want to play!"

Neela has been learning ukulele with us for just over 2 years, enjoys pop songs and performed in ensembles on stage in April 2019 at the Student Performance.


"I found remembering chord shapes the hardest but I know lots now!"

Josh started playing guitar at the beginning of 2019 after watching his brother and sister have guitar and ukulele lessons. His left hand technique is really starting to improve, he's more accurate, faster and the strength in his hand is improving so the instrument sounds clearer.


"I like that the teachers and other students are really friendly here. I like James because he makes things clear and easy."

Edi has been learning with us for over 2 years. It's a pleasure seeing her smiling f/ace each week and watching her musicianship improve. Her favorite artist is Queen so we've been able to modify a few of their tunes to suit her ability level. Edi has been working on plucking the strings rather than just strumming, memorising chord progressions and playing along to the track. This year her rhythm and strumming have really improved.


"I like learning the songs I want to know."

Brodie started learning guitar with us at the beginning of 2019 after self teaching himself from YouTube videos. He's currently working on "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath and using pentatonic scales for improvisation. After only a term Brodie got up on stage in a group and performed at the Student Performance in April 2019! He's a talented kid who's love performance and creativity really shines when playing an instrument.


"I like learning new things here."

Isaac has been learning guitar for a year and a half and is currently working on funk rhythm guitar technique by learning "Where The Streets Have No Name" by U.2.


"I liked playing in the Student Concert because I got to play with other people who like the same songs as me. I also really have liked learning to improvise because you can make up your own music instead of following someone else's music. I really like learning new chords and playing my favourite songs."

Callum has been learning guitar with us for over 2 years and after living in Texas for a few years has developed a taste for country music. Callum's biggest challenge was learning to hold power chords but after playing a few of his favorite songs he's finding they're getting easier now.


"When I first started there were lots of new chords to learn, but it's easier now because I know most of them. I liked getting to play in the concert because I got to show off my skills to everyone watching."

Oscar starting to learn guitar in Term 4 2018 and is currently one of the fastest "Crab Walk" champions in the school. His favorite song to play is Viva LaVida by ColdPlay because of the syncopated rhythm pattern. His favorite food is watermelon & favourite movie is John Wick.


"I like that I get to learn new songs and chords each week. The hardest thing was learning the G chord but I can do it now!"

Renee has been learning ukulele since the middle of 2019 and her favorite song to play is "Shot Gun" by George Ezra. After a spell of not practicing very much Renee had a practice blitz and came back to lessons knocking 14 seconds of her "crab walk" time, being faster at changing chords and learning her tricky G chord.


"I like learning here because all the teachers are really nice… and I like patting the cats!"

Bailey has been having guitar lessons with Alison for about 2.5 years. He's always eager to learn new songs and loves listening to music in his spare time. His favourite artist is Taylor Swift who he saw in concert last year. The songs he likes to play on guitar the most are "Lover" by Taylor Swift and "Smoke On The Water" by Deep Purple. Bailey found switching between chords the most difficult thing to learn initially but with perseverance he can now do it quickly. Word of warning.... keep a close eye on the end of Term chocolates when Bailey is around ;)


"In the last few years I've learnt everything I know about guitar. Chords, songs and technique. I really like my teacher, Daves' band, My Shadow and I and the end of Term chocolates."

Martin has been learning guitar with us for 2-3 years. His favorite song to play is Another One Bite The Dust by Queen. Martin is a fabulous student taking the time to perfect a song rather than getting bored and moving on to something different. He has a mature taste in music preferring bands such as Fleetwood Mac and Queen. He's a tenacious, focused and relaxed student who is a pleasure to have in the studio!


"I just like learning new things!"

Harriet has been learning ukulele since term 2, 2019. She's extremely quick to pick up new techniques, chords and concepts. He teacher Dave says that she's one of his best students because she practices regularly is quick to learn, isn't afraid to try new techniques and songs, is friendly, focused and easy going. She's a natural musician and doesn't need to be shown anything twice. Harriet's favorite song to play on ukulele is Californication by Red Hot Chilli Peppers!


"I watched the movie "School Of Rock" with Jack Black and that made me want to learn how to play guitar. I like learning here because of the teachers and their advice. the hardest thing to learn was to the second variation of the "crab walks" but I can now do this in under 30 seconds!"

Ben has been a guitar student with us for over a year. He's currently working on Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie. He a focused student who is a lot of fun to have in the studio and who is seeing great improvements due to regular practice at home.


"I got a ukulele for Christmas and wanted to play it... not look at it. If I don't use my toys Mum throws them out. The best thing about learning here is getting to play ukulele each week!"

Matthew has been learning ukulele with since Term 2, 2019. His favorite songs to play are Happy Birthday and Shotgun by George Ezra. He's currently working on learnign Californiation by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Matthew found learning the G and D chord the hardest on ukulele but he practised each week and now can move all his fingers at the together at the same time!


"I really wanted to learn ukulele after hearing songs by Vance Joy and other bands on the radio. I wanted to play cool songs."

Cayden has been learning guitar with Alison for just one term. His favorite song to play is Believer by Imagine Dragons. He's even beginning to be able to sing and play at the same time! He's current working on Gotta Feelin' by Black Eyed Peas. The hardest thing for Cadyn to learn so far has been to hold the instrument correctly and keep the thumb on his fretting had behind the neck of the guitar. Cadyn practices everyday after school and a couple of times on the weekend which has made is progress smooth and steady.


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