Learn With Us Via Skype

We are set up and ready to deliver high quality LIVE online music lessons directly into your home.

Set up your student account for Skype lessons.

Please use the students name when completing the form below.

Will will be delivering lessons via Skype to allow for social distancing and self isolation due to COVID-19

Never fear... not only will we support students and families in dodging COVID-19, we'll also save you from binging the latest Netflix special... even though that does sound like fun!


We will send PDFs of the music to download and print off, share our screen, send you URL links to cool videos and support materials all while teaching and giving live feedback. 

PLUS... it's a whole bunch of fun AND super easy! 

All you need is a:

  1. Free Skype account
  2. Internet or 3G connection 
  3. A computer or mobile device.


Here is how to start:

  1. >> Get a free Skype account account here <<
  2. Take note of your username.
  3. Forward us your Skype username using the form above.
  4. Tell us if you want to start Skype lessons now or later.
  5. Book your lesson (we will presume it is at the regular time unless an alternative time has been agreed).
  6. Be ready for your video lesson at your scheduled lesson time. We'll call you! 

NOTE: At this stage you can choose to start Skype lessons now or at a later date.  This may change as the situation develops.

Silver Lining

There is no better time for students to get solid practice under their belt, learn some new tunes and enjoy the opportunity to improve musicianship.

Plus... because learning an instrument takes mental focus, it is a wonderful meditation and stress relief.

This is crucial (especially for kids) during this difficult and uncertain time.

Keeping a "normal routine" as much as possible is highly beneficial in stressful circumstances and we love being part of that.

Especially as it allows us to stay connected to our fabulous students... we think they're pretty cool! 

Set Up Your Student Account With Skype

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