It's important you find the right teacher and studio when learning music.

You're welcome to book a one-off lesson with us to meet your new teacher, try out the instrument and see if you enjoy learning before committing to lessons.


How Long Is A Trial Lesson?

If you're a beginner there will be quite a lot of talking in the first lesson to explain how the instrument works and to get to know you and your goals.

We recommend a 45 minute trial lesson for adults to allow enough time for you to ask lots of questions. 30 minutes for children is enough as they tend to mentally fatigue earlier.


Do I Need An Instrument?

You don't need an instrument for a trial lesson but you will need to purchase one soon after for home practice.

You're welcome to borrow one on the day and discuss instrument options with your teacher to suit your budget.

We can even purchase an instrument for you (free of charge) so you don't need to navigate the big stores. 

How Do I Book A Trial Lesson?

Simply enter your details below to request a trial lesson and Alison will get back to you. Remember to let us know your prefered days and times.


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