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Brand new to ukulele? Never played an instrument before? Tired of being sucked down the rabbit hole of YouTube tutorials that are too hard or disjointed? Feel you're missing pieces? Then this online course, Intro To Ukulele is for you! 

This simple step-by-step framework will get you from novice to playing your first songs... without missing important pieces that are crucial for steady progress.

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Video Lessons

Over 40 carefully chosen step-by-step video tutorials that will take you from novice ukulele player to someone who can comfortably play their very first songs! 

PDF Lesson Notes

Downloadable PDF lesson notes accompany the videos to boost compression and retention.

Your Instructor: Alison Glew

Alison is the founder of Alison Glew Guitar School in Perth Western Australia specialising in contemporary music.

She is a guitar and ukulele teacher and has helped thousands of students become confident musicians.

She is masterful at simplifying musical concepts so that you will learn quickly and easily.

She is Mum to two teenage girls, loves her cats, a glass of wine, listening to podcasts and watching science fiction movies.

What's In The Course?

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Module 1: Fundamentals

Having a solid foundation is crucial when learning any instrument. In this module your learn everything you need to know to get started. Learn about the different types of ukulele, what to look for when purchasing your own plus tips on how to hold and tune the instrument.

Module 2: Notes

Learn how to play melodies (the tune of a song) on ukulele, read simple music (tabulator/TAB) and the best exercise for building strong, fast dexterous fingers!

Module 3: Chords

Learn the difference between notes and chords, how to read a chord diagram, hold chords effortlessly and the tricks that will have you swapping between them quickly and playing your favourite tunes easily. 

Module 4: Strumming

This module demystifies rhythm so you can develop the skills needed to make your ukulele sound interesting and give you more joy when playing. Learn common strumming patterns that can be used over a wide variety of genres.

Module 5: Song Construction

Understand the conventions of song writing and chord progressions in Western music so that you can start to identify patterns making your playing smoother, less stressful and more fun!

Module 6: Song Tutorials

Learn to play simple songs on ukulele using all the skills covered in the above modules. You'll be playing uke in no time :)

Intro To Ukulele


Over 40 Video Lessons

PDF Lesson Notes

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*30 Day Money Back Guarantee*

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm absolutely convinced you'll love the course because I've helped thousands of students learn guitar and ukulele and know exactly what beginner students need. However if you watch the materials and don't learn what you need to get started playing ukulele simply email me for a refund within 30 days. 

Alison Glew x

Happy Students

Here are some of my recent Intro To Ukulele Students after their first live workshop. Look at those incredible grins!

I look forward to getting you in on the uke action!

Alison :)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lifetime access
  • Over 40 video lessons
  • PDF downloads 

There are over 40 video lessons in the course.

Maybe... if you know where to look... and what exactly to search for.... in the right order... and can stand the sound of the persons voice... and they are a professional... etc

The benefit to purchasing a course is that the lessons are arranged step-by-step purposefully to build upon your knowledge so there are no gaps in your understanding. The lessons are designed to move you from novice to beginner quickly and effortlessly. 

It's the next best thing to sitting down face to face with an instructor. 

YouTube videos are awesome but you can waste a huge amount of time searching for materials and suffer slow progress by learning in an ad hoc manner.

Absolutely, you'll always get what you pay for.

Alison is a professional musician, teacher and business owner with over 30 years experience who knows how to get you results FAST.

This course is a fraction of the cost of private music tuition with the benefit of being able to re-watch the lessons over and over in the comfort of your home.

Yes. I believe most people are honest and I want you to feel safe buying from me.

Simply email me within 30 days for a refund if you have gone through the course and didn't learn the basics about how to get started playing ukulele.

Note: Refunds don't apply if you purchase the course and choose not to use it.... just like a cinema ticket.

After you purchase the course you'll be asked to create a password so you can login at anytime on any device connected to the internet (phone, PC, Mac, iPad)

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