Learn to create beautiful expressive music without leaving home.

SIMPLE, easy-to-follow video tutorials that will make your ukulele playing sound more interesting so you can enjoy greater confidence and expression when playing.

Discover over 10 hours of essential resources that FINALLY make ukulele simple and get you to the next level easily.

Ukulele Evolution with Alison Glew

Check out Alison's video below to learn all about this amazing online course that will help you play ukulele with greater expression without overwhelm or confusion.


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Blues / Improvisation

Enjoy the creative freedom to make your own music! Unlock the mysteries of the fret board with simple to understand explanations that allow you improvise freely with friends, in groups or by yourself.

Advanced Techniques

Go beyond the basics to make your playing sound more interesting. Learn bends, slides, vibrato, chucks, hammer-ons, pull-offs, palm mutes, taps and much more which will add texture and emotion to your songs.

Easy to implement, short, detailed, step-by-step instructional videos guide you through the techniques.

Finger-Picking / Rhythm / Strumming

Break free from the down strum! Learn HOW to play the songs you love and like the recorded version. You'll be shown how to listen to music with purpose and match what your hearing to techniques, strumming and finger-picking patterns so when you play the song it is similar and recognisable.

What's In The Course?


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What's Included In The Course:
  • Module 1: How To Play The Blues 

  • Module 2: How To Improvise

  • Module 3: Advanced Techniques

  • Module 4: Finger-Picking Patterns 

  • Module 5: Rhythm & Strumming Patterns

PLUS Receive...
  • FREE BONUS MODULE Music Theory Fundamentals (valued at $287)

  • FREE BONUS MODULE Practice Mastery (valued at $147)

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  • 4 Online Group Sessions with Alison Glew (valued at $560)

Lifetime access to the course including any updates, additional lessons, downloads or future modules.

"I’m loving Ukulele Evolution! Wow! Its so easy to follow, inspiring and it all feels so achievable which to me is important. I’m easily distracted with online courses but when I’m listening and following Alison’s tutorials I immediately ‘get’ what she is saying and therefore I remain focussed. The programme is very easy to follow and at last I feel I have some sensible structure to my ukulele learning journey. Its jam packed with heaps of valuable information. If you are contemplating joining up I really recommend you do. There’s so many ukulele courses out there, I’ve seen a lot since starting ukulele 4 years ago. This is by far the best! Alison has really nailed it in every way. Do it! "

Penny Hudson
Ukulele Evolution Student

"This is one of the best online courses I’ve seen. I have recently started learning and spent January trawling the net looking for tips on how to get started. Just wish I had discovered Ukulele Evolution then! There is SO much in this course, from theory, to strumming, to blues, to finger picking and more. And I just love the practice tips. Alison’s teaching style is so clear and very engaging. This is the kind of resource that I’m sure I will be coming back to over and over again- such a good investment. "

Dr. Erica Clarke
Ukulele Evolution Student

"I have to say Ukulele Evolution is outstanding!! I really like the small bite sized chunks the lessons are broken down into. It achieves a number of things for me: Firstly, it renders daily time constraints null and void because you can watch them in the time it takes for a cup of tea. Which allows you to maintain attention on the actual topic of discussion because your attention is not split by thinking of the other things you should be doing. And not to mention that you have kept it to just one main topic for each episode, this means you can pause, ponder and properly absorb what has been said before moving on to the following topic. The order in which you have listed them also makes very good logical sense and helps the brain to not get lost. I have previously found in other training courses I have done over the years, that if i feel like i haven’t quite got something nailed or I feel like i don’t understand it yet, my brain will not allow me to move on until it has tried to resolve the part I don’t yet understand. However generally the courses will keep moving along anyway which makes you feel like you are on the back foot for the rest of the day. This course has totally resolved that and is explained very clearly and concisely with the aid of excellent diagrams."

Glenn Robertson
Ukulele Evolution Student

Module #1: Play The Blues


Lesson 1: Introduction To The Blues
Lesson 2: Circle Of Fifths
Lesson 3: 12 Bar Blues & 7th Chords 
Lesson 4: Swing Strum
Lesson 5: Syncopated Strum
Lesson 6: 12 Bar Blues Variations
Lesson 7: Turn Around Licks
Lesson 8: Hammer-on/Sliding Chords 
Lesson 9: Call And Response

Module #2: Improvisation

Lesson 1: Introduction to Improvisation
Lesson 2: Major Scale
Lesson 3: Natural Minor Scale
Lesson 4: Minor Pentatonic Scale 
Lesson 5: Blues Scale
Lesson 6: How To Start Improvising
Lesson 7: Rhythm Tips & Backing Tracks 
Lesson 8: Techniques to Use While Improvising

Module #3 Advanced Techniques

Lesson 1: Slides
Lesson 2: Sliding Multiple Notes
Lesson 3: Sliding Chords
Lesson 4: Bends
Lesson 5: Hammer-On
Lesson 6: Pull-Off
Lesson 7: Palm Mute 
Lesson 8: Vibrato 
Lesson 9: Chuck 
Lesson 10: Tap 
Lesson 11: Staccato Strum 
Lesson 12: Singing and Playing 
Lesson 13: Barre Chords 
Lesson 14: Moving Chords

Module #4: Finger-Picking


Lesson 1: Finger-Picking Fundamentals
Lesson 2: What Is Tablature (TAB)?
Lesson 3: How To Read and Play TAB
Lesson 4: Pattern 1 | How Chords and Finger Picking Work
Lesson 5: Pattern 2 | Four Beats In A Bar (Half Beat Pattern)
Lesson 6: Pattern 3 | Four Beats (Bottom Strings Together)
Lesson 7: Pattern 4 | Three Beats In A Bar 
Lesson 8: Pattern 5 | One Beat Repeating Pattern
Lesson 9: Pattern 6 | One Beat Pattern (All Strings Together) 
Lesson 10: Pattern 7 | Four Beats In A Bar (In and Out) 
Lesson 11: Pattern 8 | Flamenco Style (Three and Four Beat Patterns) 
Lesson 12: Root Note | Finger Picking Tip (Chords With Similar Notes) 
Lesson 13: Roll Technique | For A Single Strum

Module #5: Rhythm & Strumming


Lesson 1: Introduction & Secrets to Success
Lesson 2: How To Strum
Lesson 3: Rhythm & Strumming Fundamentals
Lesson 4: Time Signature and Notes Values
Lesson 5: Down Strum Variation ( D D D DU)
Lesson 6: Down Up Strum Variation ( D DU DU DU)
Lesson 7: Strumming Pattern ( D DU D DU)
Lesson 8: Riptide Strumming Pattern
Lesson 9: Island Strumming Pattern 
Lesson 10: Reggae Strumming Patterns
Lesson 11: Three Beat Strumming Patterns
Lesson 12: 8 Beat Strumming Patterns 
Lesson 13: 8 Beat Strumming Pattern Variations
Lesson 14: Fast Quarter Beat Strumming
Lesson 15: Triplet Strum

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Four Live Online Group Calls With Alison Glew ($560) 

Get direct access to Alison to have your questions answered in 4 online group calls! If you can't make the live calls you can submit your questions by email and watch the replay in your own time.


Members Only Community

Access to our private Members Only Facebook Community. Ask questions and share advice. 


Music Theory Fundamentals ($297)

Not really sure what a sharp or flat is? Or why a G7 chord is different to a G? Would you like to know why you can hold the same chord in different ways or understand how timing works?

This bonus module is crucial for people with no musical background or training. It starts from the beginning to fill in the gaps in your understanding to help make playing easier.


Practice Mastery ($147)

Learn supercharged practice techniques and habits that deliver results fast with less time and effort. 

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(RRP $750)

Lifetime access to all modules, lessons, downloads (including future updates)

Members Only Facebook Group


4 Live Online Q&A Sessions with Alison Glew ($560)


Music Theory Fundamentals ($297)

Practice Mastery ($147)


4 Month Payment Plan



Same inclusions as the upfront option, but you can space your payments over 4 months. 

NOTE: You will save $99 by paying upfront.


30 Day Money Back GUARANTEE!

No risk! If you complete the course and practice but don't see any improvement we'll happily offer you a refund within 30 days.

Sounds Great! Count Me In!

"Alison is so easy to listen to and follow!! Inspiring and enjoyable with tips and visuals added in. Loving it! You can do the course at your own pace which is important and keep repeating it to really nail each section if you need to. "

Denise Laycock
Ukulele Evolution Student

"If you want to learn to play the ukulele, then this is the course for you. I’ve spent years starting and stopping ukulele, mostly because I felt for all my efforts I was not improving. I finally feel I’m starting to improve not just my playing but my understanding of music. I’m thrilled Alison has developed this online course, her enthusiasm shines through the videos and the content is everything you need and more to become the best ukulele player you know you can be."

Dianne Robinson
Ukulele Evolution Student

"Thank you Alison for your comprehensive course, Ukulele Evolution. I’ve always found it hard to figure out how to work out which strumming patterns to use, but in your videos it’s so clear! And the extra music theory isn’t a bore- it complements the components of the course very effectively, so it’s put to use right away. 👍🏻👍🏻"

Rebecca Steven
Ukulele Evolution Student

Is This Course For Total Beginners?

Not really... Stay tuned an Introductory Course is coming soon.

This course is great if you already have an instrument and know the basics, like how your strings are numbered, how to read a chord chart and strum a basic chords.

Join Wait List For The Intro Course... Coming Soon!

Are You Too Old To Learn?

Absolutely NOT!

It takes time to learn an instrument which puts many people off. But playing music is a skill like any other... it can be learned AT ANY AGE!

Alison has taught students in their 80's who have made great progress and ticked off a life goal.

If you're waiting for the perfect time to start... that time is now. Imagine where you could be this time next year!

Playing music is a huge amount of fun, a wonderful way to keep your mind active and combat stress.

What If You Don't Have A Musical Background... Can't Read Music... Or Don't Understand Theory?

No Problem! You Don't Need Too.

This course is delivered in simple to understand language to reduce overwhelm and confusion. We start from the beginning and all musical terms are explained.

This course is for students looking to play for PLEASURE and is not aimed at professional musicians or academic students. 

For a limited time you'll also receive the Music Theory Fundamentals course ($247) for FREE as part of Ukulele Evolution.

What If You Don't Understand Something & Have Questions?

Learning online can be tough if you can't ask questions.

Ukulele Evolution comes with 4 group calls with Alison Glew where you get to ask questions and get feedback.

Plus you'll have access to an amazing Members Only Facebook Group where you can ask as many questions as you like and get the answers you need!

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One Off Payment


(RRP $750)

Lifetime access to all modules, lessons, downloads (including future updates)

Members Only Facebook Group


4 Live Online Q&A Sessions with Alison Glew ($560)


Music Theory Fundamentals ($297)

Practice Mastery ($147)


4 Month Payment Plan



Same inclusions as the upfront option, but you can space your payments over 4 months. 

NOTE: You will save $99 by paying upfront.


About Your Instructor - Alison Glew

Alison Glew has been teaching music for 30 years and has helped thousands of people  learn to play guitar and ukulele. She the founder of Alison Glew Guitar School in Perth Western Australia where she and her other teachers share their love of music with over 100+ students per week. Alison specialises in teaching contemporary music and enjoys watching beginner students develop passion for their instrument and the ability play for pleasure.

Fun facts: Alison is a Mum to two teenager girls, owns two cats and a guinea pig, enjoys a glass of wine (or two) and is an ex-aerobatic pilot. 



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