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want to be part of Alison Glew's inner-circle of ukulele students who get amazing results?

Ukulele Club with Alison Glew is a way to get access to Alison's Ukulele workshops and lessons ONLINE.

Each week she teaches so many cool songs and techniques on ukulele in private lessons and workshops, including all the intricate strumming patterns, riffs and finger-picking... and now she'll share them with you!

"I really wanted a way to support my students BETWEEN their lessons PLUS support other students who can't make it into the studio... which is how Ukulele Club was born! It's a great way for me to get a treasure trove cove of juicy information out of my studio and direct to ukulele students!" - Alison Glew

Club members will receive video tutorials of the songs and skills covered in the sold out live workshops, supplementary video lessons, along with lots of encouragement and support from the online community.

Membership will open for a short time in December 2019.

Ukulele Club will help make your dream of playing beautiful ukulele music a reality!

Complete the form and you'll be invited to join Ukulele Club in December 2019.

Who Is Alison Glew?

Alison is the founder of Alison Glew Guitar School in Perth Western Australia. Alison's runs weekly (sold out) Ukulele Workshops, is the leader of Ukulele Jam an online community of over 480 ukulele musicians from all over the world and is the creator of the popular online courses Ukulele Evolution and Intro To Ukulele.

She is a guitar and ukulele teacher specialising in teaching contemporary music with over 30 years teaching experience.

She has helped thousands of students become confident musicians through her school and is well known for simplifying musical concepts so that students learn quickly and easily. 


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