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Join "Ukulele Club with Alison Glew" for instant access to a private online members area where you can learn cool new songs specially arranged for ukulele with expert and experienced teacher, Alison Glew.

You'll be shown how to play the unique strumming patterns, finger-picking patterns, riffs and chord voicings that make each song sound like the original.

Ukulele Club includes beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorials across a wide range of genres... so you'll be sure to find songs you'll enjoy playing!

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Meet Alison, and take a tour inside the members area where you'll learn how to play expressive and creative music on ukulele easily.


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What's Included In The Ukulele Club Online Membership?

Ukulele Club members receive new comprehensive video tutorials each week of the songs and skills covered in Alison's sold out live workshops.

Inside the membership there are also supplementary video lessons to help with musicianship, along with lots of encouragement and support from the online community.

There are tutorials for every skill level; beginners, intermediate and advanced players. 

You'll be able to choose either the "easy" version of a song (open chords with a down strum) or challenge yourself with finger-picking, chord melody arrangements, riffs and interesting chord voicings up the neck.

Alison's tutorials are in depth, comprehensive and build on your music knowledge.

Each week you'll receive new songs to work on, printable ukulele TAB and chord charts for both the basic and advanced version and Q&A sessions with Alison.

Oh... and requests are welcome!



Ever wonder why some people learn faster than others? It has little to do with musical talent and more to do with learning "how" to practice for maximum effect.

If you're just playing through songs in your practice sessions, then this free module is definitely for you!

Learn supercharged practice techniques and habits that deliver results fast with less time and effort. 


Not really sure what a sharp or flat is? Or why a G7 chord is different to a G? Would you like to know why you can hold the same chord in different ways or understand how strumming and rhythm works?

This bonus module is crucial for people with no musical background or training.

Start from the very beginning to fill in the gaps in your musical knowledge so that your playing becomes easier and more fun.


Join over 500 ukulele musicians from all over the world, ask questions and get answers!

We have a wonderful friendly online group of like minded ukulele enthusiasts just like you! 

Share your knowledge, wins and frustrations with others who "get it".


For A Limited Time Only

Get a generous discount on our signature online courses Ukulele Evolution AND Intro to Ukulele!


$100 OFF

$397 (Normally $497)

This comprehensive online course with excellent reviews includes modules on; The Blues, Improvisation, Advanced Techniques, Rhythm and Strumming and Finger-Picking.

Enjoy the creative freedom that comes from making your own music!

Unlock the mysteries of the fret board with simple to understand explanations that allow you improvise freely with friends, in groups or by yourself.

Go beyond the basics to make your playing sound more interesting. Learn bends, slides, vibrato, chucks, hammer-ons, pull-offs, palm mutes, taps and much more which will add texture and emotion to your songs.

Easy to implement, short, detailed, step-by-step instructional videos guide you through the techniques.


(Normally $147)

Step-by-step video lessons and PDF notes for the novice ukulele player. This course if perfect if you're just starting out and want to ensure there are no gaps in your knowledge that would make it difficult down the track.

Learn everything you need to get started including what to look for in a new ukulele, how to hold it, how to strum and pluck notes, exercises for dexterity, how to read chord charts and tablature and play your first few songs!

Take A Tour Inside Ukulele Evolution

Ukulele Club and Courses are hosted on a state-of-the-art platform making lessons easy to access and view. You can watch all lessons on any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, android) from either a web browser or the Kajabi App.


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What's In Ukulele Evoution

Module #1: Play The Blues

Introduction To The Blues, Circle Of Fifths, 12 Bar Blues & 7th Chords, Swing Strum, Syncopated Strum, 12 Bar Blues Variations, Turn Around Licks, Hammer-on/Sliding Chords &  Call And Response

Module #2: Improvisation

Introduction to Improvisation, Major Scale, Natural Minor Scale, Minor Pentatonic Scale, Blues Scale, How To Start Improvising, Rhythm Tips & Backing Tracks and Techniques to Use While Improvising

Module #3 Advanced Techniques

Slides, Sliding Multiple Notes, Sliding Chords, Bends, Hammer-On, Pull-Off, Palm Mute, Vibrato, Chuck, Tap Staccato Strum, Singing and Playing, Barre Chords and Moving Chords

Module #4: Finger-Picking

Finger-Picking Fundamentals, What Is Tablature (TAB)?, How To Read and Play TAB, How Chords and Finger Picking Work, Patterns for Four Beats In A Bar (Half Beat Pattern), Patterns for Three Beats In A Bar, Repeating Patterns,  Flamenco Style Picking, Root Notes and Roll Technique.

Module #5: Rhythm & Strumming

Introduction & Secrets to Success, How To Strum, Rhythm & Strumming Fundamentals, Time Signature and Notes Values, Down Strum Variations, Down Up Strum Variations (Island, Riptide, Reggae, 3 and 8 beat patterns), triple strums and fast strumming.

1) Ukulele Club teaches you how to play SONGS:
  • Receive comprehensive SONG video tutorials by Alison Glew specially arranged for ukulele.
  • Beginner Song Tutorials: Basic chords and strums.

  • Intermediate Song Tutorials: Interesting chords & more complicated strumming patterns.
  • Advanced Song Tutorials: Chord Melodies, Finger-picking, riffs, advanced techniques, complicated chord voicings and progressions.

  • Printable chord charts, scores and PDFs
  • Links to songs on Spotify and YouTube
  • Tips and tricks to make playing easier.

2) Ukulele Evolution teaches the technical skills and theory that is needed to get to the next level easily without overwhelm or confusion.

Getting Started Is Easy!

"I’m loving Ukulele Evolution! Wow! Its so easy to follow, inspiring and it all feels so achievable which to me is important. I’m easily distracted with online courses but when I’m listening and following Alison’s tutorials I immediately ‘get’ what she is saying and therefore I remain focussed. The programme is very easy to follow and at last I feel I have some sensible structure to my ukulele learning journey. Its jam packed with heaps of valuable information. If you are contemplating joining up I really recommend you do. There’s so many ukulele courses out there, I’ve seen a lot since starting ukulele 4 years ago. This is by far the best! Alison has really nailed it in every way. Do it! "

Penny Hudson
Ukulele Evolution Student

"This is one of the best online courses I’ve seen. I have recently started learning and spent January trawling the net looking for tips on how to get started. Just wish I had discovered Ukulele Evolution then! There is SO much in this course, from theory, to strumming, to blues, to finger picking and more. And I just love the practice tips. Alison’s teaching style is so clear and very engaging. This is the kind of resource that I’m sure I will be coming back to over and over again- such a good investment. "

Dr. Erica Clarke
Ukulele Evolution Student

"I have to say Ukulele Evolution is outstanding!! I really like the small bite sized chunks the lessons are broken down into. It achieves a number of things for me: Firstly, it renders daily time constraints null and void because you can watch them in the time it takes for a cup of tea. Which allows you to maintain attention on the actual topic of discussion because your attention is not split by thinking of the other things you should be doing. And not to mention that you have kept it to just one main topic for each episode, this means you can pause, ponder and properly absorb what has been said before moving on to the following topic. The order in which you have listed them also makes very good logical sense and helps the brain to not get lost. I have previously found in other training courses I have done over the years, that if i feel like i haven’t quite got something nailed or I feel like i don’t understand it yet, my brain will not allow me to move on until it has tried to resolve the part I don’t yet understand. However generally the courses will keep moving along anyway which makes you feel like you are on the back foot for the rest of the day. This course has totally resolved that and is explained very clearly and concisely with the aid of excellent diagrams."

Glenn Robertson
Ukulele Evolution Student

How Much Does It Cost?

You can join Ukulele Club for as little as $37 a month. Club Members also have the opportunity to purchase Ukulele Evolution and Intro To Ukulele at a generously discounted price of $397 (normally $644) *** LIMITED TIME ONLY***

Ukulele Club (Only)


Monthly Membership

Ukulele Club   

Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced Song Video Tutorials

Professional Ukulele TAB & Chord Sheets

Practice Mastery ($147) 

Music Theory Fundamentals ($297) 

New Songs Each Month

PDF Lesson Notes

Private Facebook Community

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Ukulele Club + Courses


One Off Payment + $37 per month

Ukulele Club 

Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced Song Video Tutorials

Ukulele Evolution (RRP $497)  

Intro To Ukulele (RRP $147) 

Practice Mastery ($147) 

Music Theory Fundamentals ($297) 

Professional Ukulele TAB & Chord Sheets

Over 120 Video Lessons

New Songs Each Month

PDF Lesson Notes

Private Facebook Community

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Ukulele Evolution (Only)


One Time Payment

Ukulele Evolution Online Course (RRP $497)

Practice Mastery ($147) 

Music Theory Fundamentals ($297) 

Over 120 Video Lessons

PDF Lesson Notes

Private Facebook Community

Buy Now


If you get into the membership and find it isn't for you simply cancel the $37 per month subscription at any time. 

You can do this yourself inside the members area. No awkward phone calls or emails!

PS: If you leave the membership you will not have access to the Ukulele Club videos or materials. But you would have lifetime access to Ukulele Evolution (if purchased).

"Alison is so easy to listen to and follow!! Inspiring and enjoyable with tips and visuals added in. Loving it! You can do the course at your own pace which is important and keep repeating it to really nail each section if you need to. "

Denise Laycock
Ukulele Evolution Student

"If you want to learn to play the ukulele, then this is the course for you. I’ve spent years starting and stopping ukulele, mostly because I felt for all my efforts I was not improving. I finally feel I’m starting to improve not just my playing but my understanding of music. I’m thrilled Alison has developed this online course, her enthusiasm shines through the videos and the content is everything you need and more to become the best ukulele player you know you can be."

Dianne Robinson
Ukulele Evolution Student

"Thank you Alison for your comprehensive course, Ukulele Evolution. I’ve always found it hard to figure out how to work out which strumming patterns to use, but in your videos it’s so clear! And the extra music theory isn’t a bore- it complements the components of the course very effectively, so it’s put to use right away. 👍🏻👍🏻"

Rebecca Steven
Ukulele Evolution Student

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Comprehensive song tutorials and TAB each month for all levels.
  • Practice Mastery (Valued at $147)
  • Music Theory Fundamentals (Valued at $297)
  • Access to the private Facebook Community.

They are designed to compliment each other and offer students a well rounded learning experience.

Ukulele Evolution doesn't teach songs. The lessons are technique and theory based (finger-picking, strumming, scales, improv, blues, advanced techniques like slides, hammer-ons, chucks etc). These skills are crucial when playing songs.

Ukulele Club DOES teach songs but doesn't go into the theory or technique in great detail.

If you're confident with the technique and theory but just want quality song tutorials then Ukulele Club is for you.

If you need support playing more difficult songs and want to advance your skills I recommend purchasing Ukulele Evolution and Ukulele Club together at the special discounted rate which is more affordable.

No. You can cancel at anytime inside the membership. Please note that refunds are not given for payments already processed.

Simply login to the membership portal and cancel your subscription yourself from within your profile. No awkward phone call or email required.

If you can't work out how to do it just email [email protected]

PS: Access to the membership will immediately be removed. Refunds are not granted for payments already processed.

No. YouTube tutorials are great but most creators have paid Patreon channels or memberships for quality tutorials. This is no different.

Free content is often very adhoc and requires a lot of time to find a good tutorial and often the TAB isn't free or included making it difficult to learn.

You need to know where to look, what to search for... the order in which to consume the information .... and find someone professional who you enjoy learning from.

The benefit of joining a membership is that the lessons are arranged step-by-step purposefully to build upon your knowledge so there are no gaps in your understanding. The lessons are designed to move you from novice to beginner quickly and effortlessly. 

It's the next best thing to sitting down face to face with an instructor. 

YouTube videos are awesome but you can waste a huge amount of time searching for materials and suffer slow progress and frustration.

Yes. We offer a generous 30 day satisfaction guarantee on our courses. We do not grant refunds for any reason after 30 days.

You can cancel your Ukulele Club membership at anytime from within the members area or email [email protected] 

Refunds for Ukulele Club are not given for payments already processed.

There are over 40 video lessons in Intro To Ukulele and over 80 video lessons in Ukulele Evolution.

New song tutorials are regularly dripped into the membership each month.

The membership is crazy affordable to bring the love of ukulele to many!

Alison is a professional musician, teacher and business owner with over 30 years experience who knows how to get you results FAST.

This membership is a fraction of the cost of private or group music tuition with the benefit of being able to re-watch the lessons over and over in the comfort of your home.

After you join the membership you'll you'll be asked to create a password so you can login at anytime on any device connected to the internet (phone, PC, Mac, iPad).

Your username will be the email you used when joining the membership.

Simply bookmark the login page to your computer or phone for easy access.

You can also download the Kajabi app to your mobile device so you can view all your courses and the membership in one place.

Many face-to-face students have purchased the online courses as a valuable addition to their home practice. They find it great to be able to re-watch the lessons as sometimes they need to hear things a few times before it is understood.

Workshops, groups and face-to-face lessons are awesome for real-time feed back but once you've left the lesson, that's it... you can't re-watch it again! 

Online learning is very convenient.

No need to drive to lessons at a certain time. You can watch at anytime that suits you and you can go over the materials as many times as you like which is great for comprehension and retention.

Join Ukulele Club with Alison Glew Today!

About Your Ukulele Teacher - Alison Glew

Alison is the founder of Alison Glew Guitar School in Perth Western Australia. 

She runs weekly (sold out) Ukulele Workshops and is the leader of Ukulele Jam an online community of over 500+ ukulele musicians from all over the world and is the creator of the popular online courses Ukulele Evolution and Intro To Ukulele.

She is a guitar and ukulele teacher specialising in teaching contemporary music with over 30 years teaching experience.

She has helped thousands of students become confident musicians through her music school and is well known for simplifying musical concepts so that students learn quickly and easily.

She enjoys watching beginner students develop passion for their instrument and encourages playing for pleasure.

Fun facts: Alison lives in Perth, Western Australia. Is a Mum to two teenager girls, two cats and a guinea pig. She enjoys glass of wine (or two), swimming in the crystal clear water of Perth beaches, is an ex-aerobatic pilot and loves sci-fi films.


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