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Is Your Ukulele Playing Feeling Robotic, Boring and Clunky?

Are you tired of:

  • Playing every song in the key of C?
  • The same open chords of F, G, Am and C ...for... every... single... ukulele... song?
  • YouTube tutorials that are way TOO EASY?
  • YouTube tutorials that don't explain how to play those interesting chord voicings, strumming or picking patterns? 

Would you like play outside the box?

  • Break free from the "down up" strum?
  • Learn different chord voicings up the neck?
  • Hold barre chords easily?
  • Finger-pick and play riffs and melody?
  • Know what strumming pattern to use and what will work well with a particular song?
  • Understanding how to read TAB?
  • Sing and play at the same time?
  • Knowing what fingers to use or why when playing riffs, melody or chords?
  • Get comfortable with advanced techniques like slides, chucks and hammer-ons?
  • See solid results after practice sessions?
  • Have the confidence to play songs that "look" hard, especially if they have unusual chord names or shapes?
  • Working out how to play a new song yourself?
  • Understand music theory fundamentals, like terminology and concepts without getting bored or confused with dry explanations?

Then, UKULELE CLUB Is Made For You!

Get Ready For A Challenge!

Ukulele Club is a online video library of ukulele tutorials which won't JUST teach you what chord to hold and what strumming pattern to use...

You'll learn all the tips and tricks to overcome your most frustrating problems and make your playing sound interesting.

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✔️ Over 70+ Video Tutorials

✔️ Beginner and advanced options

✔️ Specially arranged for ukulele.

✔️ Chord Sheets & Professional TAB

✔️ A wide variety of genres to choose from.

✔️ New video tutorials and music uploaded each week.





✔️ Chord Sheets & Professional TAB

✔️ FREE "Learn To Read Ukulele Tablature" mini course

✔️ Clear instruction to help with finger positions and practice techniques

✔️ Finger-pick and play melodies and riffs.

✔️ URL Links to the recorded tracks on Spotify and YouTube so you can play along with the original version.


Meet Ukulele Club Teacher, Alison Glew 

Alison, is not a "celebrity teacher"... She is a "real" ukulele specialist who understands your needs and is here to help!

Expand your repertoire, have fun and increase your skills with EXPERT ukulele tuition.

Alison is especially well known for simplifying musical concepts so that students can learn quickly and easily.

She has been playing guitar and ukulele for over 30 years and specialises in teaching contemporary music to beginners.

She teachers weekly (sold out) Ukulele Workshops, is the leader of Ukulele Jam an online community of over 600 ukulele musicians from all over the world and is the creator of the popular online courses Ukulele Evolution and Intro To Ukulele.

She is also the sole creator of all video content inside Ukulele Club.

Alison, is the Director of Alison Glew Guitar School in Perth Western Australia where she and her other teachers have helped thousands of students become confident musicians.


Erica Clarke

"I like the way you broke down Sunsets For Somebody Else (Jack Johnson) into bite sized pieces so I could get the gist of it with practice."

Ukulele Club Member

Gina Harris

"Thanks for a great tutorial for Imagine (John Lennon), very inspiring. I really appreciate your explanation of the fingerings and techniques needed. It's one of my favourites, and it's great to be able to tackle this on my own uke. It's certainly one I'll work at perfecting."

Ukulele Club Member

Justine Eldin

"Love this song (Loosing My Religion R.E.M.) and I'm really enjoying playing all the various parts, thanks Alison."

Ukulele Club Member

Martine Bantick

"The Dance With Me Tonight (Olly Murs) tutorial was fabulous, thanks Alison. I will teach my beginner group in the U.K. the easy version and the advanced version is a good challenge for me to get it up to speed. I really enjoyed the tutorial and love your teaching style!"

Ukulele Club Member

Dale Mack

"My hard work with ukulele club is paying off! I attend a very casual class at my local library and I ‘almost’ looked and sounded like I knew what I was doing.Thank you Alison and the team that makes your musical magic so accessible to us all."

Ukulele Club Member


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Offers MORE Than Just 

Song Tutorials

You will find in-depth lessons from a teacher who understands YOUR struggles.

Easy to follow video tutorials, simple explanations and challenges to move you forward, step-by-step from a Beginner, Intermediate to an Advanced musician.

You'll learn cool new tunes so you can have fun playing ukulele straight away, and theory and tips that will limit confusion and overwhelm so you can progress easily.

PLUS... You'll also receive...



Ukulele Club Members receive 3 FREE Mini Courses as part of their membership that will 

take your playing to the next level easily.


Learn to read TAB so you can play melodies, riffs and finger-pick.


Perfect foundation for students with limited music theory knowledge.


Practice techniques that accelerate your progress and save years of frustration.



Do you feel like you're missing a piece to the ukulele playing puzzle?

good foundation is crucial to success.

Students can only go so far without fundamental music theory and solid practice techniques.

Often, these are missing tips from most online tutorials. Most just show the viewer how to hold the chord, play the strumming pattern and tell you when to change chords.

No wonder people struggle! 

Ukulele Club provides you with 3 free bonus mini courses that will put you on the right track, iron out common confusion and help you play more fluently.


BREAK FREE from the down up strum and basic open chords!

Learn to read TAB, play riffs, finger-pick, play interesting chord voicings, barre chords, expressive strumming patterns and use advanced techniques like, slides, chucks, hammer-ons, bends in your everyday playing.

There is also a dedicated "Tip & Trick" module to help you iron out any common problems like how to change between tricky chords, remember chord progressions, singing and playing and choosing what fingers to use.

Paulette Tolonen

"Love it! Great explanations. Playing along to the track is fun! I love that there's so much on offer. It's great to be able to work through the songs I'm interested in... definitely an advantage of this online club."

Ukulele Club Member

Ralph Mattner

"Sunshine Of Your Love is a great song! I used to know it on guitar, thanks for arranging it for ukulele and pointing out how the  5th, 7th and 10th fret dots compare to 5, 7, 9 on a guitar!"

Ukulele Club Member

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Ukulele Club Is For People Who Want To

  • Play for pleasure and their own gratification.
  • Keep up with their ukulele group.
  • Have the songs they play sound recognisable.
  • Make their playing sound more interesting.
  • Take the next step and increase their skill level so their playing doesn't sound "boring".
  • Learn in the comfort of their own home in their own time.
  • Expand their repertoire.
  • Be introduced to new songs and styles of music.
  • Learn tips and tricks to make their playing easier and more fluent.
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 Ukulele Club IS NOT For You If You...

❌ Are a cat (you'll need fingers).

❌ Don't have an internet connection, laptop, PC or mobile device.

❌ Are a young child without adult support.

❌ Are an advanced musician who can work out music on your own (unless you'd like a ready made resource to help you teach your own students).

❌ Are very picky about the music you play. You will learn a wide range range of awesome songs from different genres in Ukulele Club.

❌ Don't make ANY time to practice. People who are in a regular practice routine will get the best results.

❌ Find listening and following online video tutorials tricky. You'll will need to self correct by re-watching and pausing videos for clarity.


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Alison Glew, Ukulele Club Founder and Teacher

"I created Ukulele Club for students who felt stuck playing basic chords and simple strumming patterns but wanted to play more interesting tunes with greater expression. 

There are literally thousands of YouTube videos that teach ukulele basics but I found that was a huge gap in resources for students aiming to play at an intermediate level. 

Most YouTube videos are either too easy or far too hard.

I teach the WHY not just the HOW so that students can learn to play melodies and riffs that make songs sound recognisable, identify and play intricate strumming patterns, finger-pick and play different versions of chords so they pick up melody notes and get more creative and expressive with their instrument.

 I created Ukulele Club so anyone could access the lessons taught in my workshops (no matter where they live in the world) and they could re-watch the video tutorials for clarification, print the music out at home and practice in their own time.

Each week I film and upload new songs, specially arranged for ukulele, which included the TAB and chord sheets, explicit instruction, tips and tricks, explanations of the chord progressions, riffs, finger-picking and any relevant theory and strumming patterns used.

Plus... I always include easy and challenge options to suit different skill levels!

It's a pleasure to teach ukulele to students all over the world and hear about their amazing progress and new found confidence."

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I Just Love Ukulele Club!

We live in our caravan and no matter where we are in the country I receive Alison’s new songs and tutorials.

Ukulele Club isn’t a quick response to the COVID crisis, it has always been a very professional and friendly way to reach uke players no matter where they live.

I’m a beginner but I feel confident to constantly challenge myself and tackle the intermediate options on offer.

I am also impressed by the range of music offered. 

Something wonderful has happened...

I started playing ukulele mid last year..I remained unskilled and untalented... little effort and little practice reaped little reward..

Then I purchased Alison’s Ukulele Evolution and joined Ukulele Club..and now I can’t wait to get to my ukulele... much effort and much practice is reaping much reward!

I’m finally having fun."

Dale Mack - Ukulele Club Member

Ukulele Club


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  • 70+ Specialised Ukulele Video Tutorials
  • Tip & Trick Module
  • Contemporary Song Tutorials
  • Learn Advanced Techniques, Strumming Patterns and Fing-Picking
  • Beginner To Advanced Options
  • PDF Chord Sheets
  • Professional TAB
  • Song Links
  • Free Mini Course: Fundamental Music Theory
  • Free Mini Course: Practice Mastery
  • Free Mini Course: How to Read TAB For Ukulele
  • Cancel Easily Anytime

NOTE: Membership is shown in Australian Dollars (AUD)

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To cancel, simply login into your Ukulele Club account and cancel the subscription yourself (under your profile settings) or email us and we'll do it for you immediately.

NOTE: Refunds are not  available for payments  already processed.

Ukulele Club has provided me with a fabulous means to continue my playing and learning during "lock-down" and has renewed my enthusiasm.

"Thanks for the great bonus lessons on reading tab and tricks and tips. I really found them useful and enjoyed trying out the tips for chord changes among other things.

I am glad I found it."

Marie Tully - Ukulele Club Member


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