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How To Read Tablature (TAB) For Ukulele


The short step-by-step videos introduces and explains How To Read Tablature (TAB) For Ukulele in a simple to understand way so you can start playing riffs, melodies and chord/melodies without being overwhelmed or confused.


Decoding TAB

Learn what the lines and numbers signify, how timing is written, how chords are displayed and what all those weird looking symbols mean! 

Playing TAB

Tips for choosing what fingers to use when playing, when to pick or strum and how to read broken or arpeggiated chords so playing your favourite melodies or riffs is easy.

Finding & Practising TAB

Discover the best places to find correct TAB written for ukulele and techniques that when added to your practice routine, will have you playing your favourite songs in less time. 

About Your Ukulele Teacher - Alison Glew

Alison is the founder of Alison Glew Guitar School in Perth Western Australia. 

She runs weekly (sold out) Ukulele Workshops and is the leader of Ukulele Jam an online community of over 500+ ukulele musicians from all over the world. 

Alison and is the creator of the popular online courses Ukulele Evolution and Intro To Ukulele and online membership, Ukulele Club.

Ukulele Club is where students enjoy new song tutorials each week specifically arranged for ukulele (including finger-picking, riffs, interesting strumming patterns and chord voicings).

She is a guitar and ukulele teacher specialising in teaching contemporary music with over 30 years teaching experience.

She has helped thousands of students become confident musicians through her music school and is well known for simplifying musical concepts so that students learn quickly and easily.

She enjoys seeing beginner students develop passion for ukulele and encourages playing for pleasure.


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