Student Performance 2019

City Of Melville Civic Hall

7 April 2019

April 2019 Student Performance

In April 2019, Alison Glew Guitar School hosted a performance opportunity for students at the City Of Melville Civic Hall which was a massive success.

Students were able to showcase their guitar and ukulele talents to over 160 family and friends who cheered them on with pride. For some students it was their first time ever playing an instrument in front of a crowd.

After months of practice, students wowed us with a wide variety of songs from hard rock, folk, classical, blues, pop, funk, country and indie.

There were solo and ensemble performances along with vocal performances from students who sing and play. 

Lights - Mics - Action!

The kids expereinced a "Rock Concert" atmosphere with coloured stage lights, smoke machine, professional instrument and vocal microphones and PA system. 

It was a great experience for students who learnt how to adapt their playing style from the living room to a live stage.

Most students play acoustic instruments and so had never been amplified before which expanded their skill set and prepared them for live performances.

However... the best part was the huge round of applause from their adoring fans!



Learning an instrument is such a personal journey so having the opportunity for students to come together and support each other and play together as a collective was wonderful.

They collaborated on song choices, helped with each other when there was technical challenges (tuning, microphones, electric guitar leads) and supported each others performances.

Fabulous Door Prizes!

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we were able to gift our students and audience a wide variety of door prizes.

Mega Music Myaree donated an Aston Guitar, Crescendo Music $200 worth of store vouchers, Op Styling an indulgent style consultation, Nervana Chiropractic a gift voucher and Mojo's Dog Grooming a dog wash!



Students chose costumes to match their chosen performance pieces. 

The ones that stood out the most were Hazmat suits for Radioactive (Imagine Dragons) complete with danger tape, Hawaiian leis for Surfin' USA (Beach Boys) and Hippy gear for Sunshine of Your Love (Cream).

Big Thank You To David Petchell


Dave is one of our fabulous teachers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes throughout the event and in the days leading up to it and was crucial to it's success.

He was responsible for the audio equipment set up and management. He ensured that over 40 amateur performers with acts running back to back for 2 hours (with less than 1 minute changeover) were able to shine for their parents.

Different set ups for each ensemble and solo performance was required and the correct backing track faded out at exactly the right moment.


Big Thank You To Ben Lazzaro 

Ben was an incredible mentor for his young students and worked exceptionally hard in the months leading up to the event to ensure everyone was performance ready.

Ben's patience and dedication to helping his students succeed was inspirational. 

He accompanied performers on stage without taking over and offered emotional as well as technical advice and support.


Recognition and Award Certificates


We were so proud of everyone's efforts that we celebrated their success by awarding students with certificates. 

All students received "Performer Certificates", those brave enough to face the microphone and sing were encouraged with "Song Bird Certificates" and for those who showcased their talents alone on stage "Solo Super Star Certificates".

Celebrating With Cake!

After the performance students and families mingled together, got to know each other and celebrated the success of their Super Stars.

There was complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits with hugely popular cup cakes for the performers!

Thank You Volunteers and Parents

We couldn't have provided the students with such an amazing opportunity without your support. 

We recognise the commitment you've made to enrolling your child in lessons and the dedication it takes to ensure they practice and turn up each week.

Thank you for the support provided on the day; setting up and packing up the venue, helping with ticketing, costumes and cheering your hearts out for the rock star in your family.

Your continued support means the world to us all.

Extra big thank you to Amir Mohaghegh for the taking all of these amazing photos on the day. You're a star!



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