Group Ukulele & Guitar Workshops

Level 1 Workshops

Introduction / Novice Workshops

These workshops for people who are novices with limited or no experience.

If you've never played music or ukulele before these are for you!

You'll be taught everything you need to know to get started and build a solid foundation.

You'll learn to play your first songs, musical terms, how to hold and tune the instrument, what the parts are called, how play chords and notes, how to strum and count rhythms, read chord charts, song sheets and TAB.

Once you're comfortable with the foundations you're welcome to join our Level 2 workshops.




Level 2 Workshops

Beginner & Progressive Beginner

These workshops are for students who know the foundations and are ready to progress.

Usually students in these courses have either been playing ukulele for at least 6 months, have completed the Level 1 workshops or have other musical experience. 

Participants are expected to know how to read a chord chart, know basic open chords (G, C, Am, F etc) and be able to change between these chords confidently.

Most students in these workshops can strum along to the beat but are not always fast at changing chords and they still need help learning different strumming patterns. 

Each week the class learns to play a new song which is a fun way to introduce students to new strumming patterns, chords and techniques.

Students will learn tips to make changing chords faster, practice methods for fast results and begin playing riffs and melody.

These classes are aimed at beginners but are not suitable for novices.

Once you're confident with these skills you're welcome to move into our Level 3 workshops.



Level 3 Workshops

Rusty Strummers Workshops / Intermediate

These workshops are aimed at an students who can comfortably play songs on ukulele and are ready for a challenge! 

Usually people in these workshops have been playing for a few years and are getting bored with simple down up strums and open chords of C, G, F and Am. They don't expect to be the next Jake Shimabukuro or Taimane Gardner... but they'd love help to progress towards that style of playing!

Students attending these workshops are not professional musicians but usually play with a community ukulele group or at home for pleasure.

We work on up levelling skills and techniques in these workshops so playing sounds more expressive and sophisticated.

In these workshops we will add to your chord repertoire teaching different chord voicings (variations on chords up the neck), tricks to make barre chords easier, advanced techniques like slides, hammer-ons, chucks, vibrato and bends, how to play chord melodies, finger-picking, riffs and interesting strumming patterns. Students are taught these through songs so they have a practical use for the skills immediately. 

We also cover basic music theory concepts like what is a key, what chords go together in a key, how chords are constructed, 12 bar blues formulas, minor pentatonic and blues scales used for improvisation. 

When teaching riffs and melody you'll not only be taught how to read TAB sheets and rhythm notation but also fundamental skills to make playing easier, like what fingers to use when traveling up and down the neck, how not to "over shoot" frets and ways to remember complex progressions.

Participants will be expected to know open chords, be able to change quickly and on time and play and a few simple strumming patterns.





Private, Semi-Private and Group Ukulele Lessons

Adults and children +7
Ukulele has become very popular in recent years due to bands and artists such as Train, Eddie Vedder, Jason Marz, 21 Pilots, Grace Vanderwall, Cavetown, Dodie Clarke and Vance Joy. 
Learning ukulele is a wonderful instrument for anyone to learn, but especially for children and seniors attempting a musical instrument for the first time.
It's very portable (perfect for the beach, caravan or an afternoon sitting on the porch). It's easier to learn than guitar and a great starting instrument for children because of it's size.
However, don't be fooled! Ukulele is a legitimate instrument and is just as challenging.
Teachers at Alison Glew Guitar School specialise in teaching ukulele and understand that it isn't just a mini-guitar. We respect ukulele and enjoy sharing the intricacies, unique techniques and styles that make ukulele a global phenomenon. 
We offer private, semi-private and group workshops in ukulele for adults, children and teens.
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