Guitar and Ukulele Lessons

Private Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

Guitar: Adults and children 7+

Ukulele: Adults and children 6+

Our teachers are dedicated to offering friendly, engaging music lessons that will nurture your love of music.

Guitar and ukulele are fabulous instruments to learn as they're hugely popular and widely used in modern music.

They are incredibly portable and social instruments which make them such a wonderful lifestyle instrument to learn. We don't tend to take a piano or saxophone to a BBQ! 

We teach contemporary music (all the cool stuff you hear on the radio). You won't find us teaching anything daggy and boring that you'll struggle to practice.

You'll learn to read notation and tablature, play chords with different strumming and finger picking patterns, theory and techniques... all while learning to play your favourite songs!

Learn for leisure, to join a band or enter a school or university music program. 

Choose from:

  • 30, 45 or 60 minute Private Lessons.
  • 30 minute Semi-Private Lessons (for 2 people) or

All lessons are held at the home studio in Winthrop, WA. 

We specialise in teaching both beginner and advanced students and offer daytime lessons to adults and home schooled children. 

Lessons can be booked Monday to Saturday.

Book A Trial Lesson

It's important you find the right teacher and studio when learning music. You're welcome to book a paid trial lesson to meet your teacher, try out the instrument and get a feel for if you would like to continue learning before committing to purchasing an instrument and booking into term lessons.


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