Live Zoom Lessons and Song Tutorials

Learn to play a new song each week in a small online group session taught by Alison Glew.

Stay motivated and up-level your skills each when by learning a new song that teaches interesting chord voicings, finger-picking, riffs, cool strumming patterns and techniques.

Beginners to advanced students are catered for in this membership.

The zoom lessons are recorded and dropped into the Ukulele Club members area so you can watch the replay at any time. Perfect for students who can't (or don't want to) join online each Saturday.


You'll have access to 80+ song tutorials (all the replays from the past 2 years)

Music and PDF downloads

Mini courses 

This affordable monthly membership can be cancelled at anytime.

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Video Course For Beginner Students

Brand new to ukulele?

Get off to a great start by learning essential theory and practical skills that will make playing songs easy.

This course will teach you everything you need to know and teach you to play your very first songs on ukulele!

40+ structured, step-by-step video lessons are designed to limit confusion, cover all the basics often missed in YouTube videos and set you up to be a successful ukulele player. 

Modules include: Fundamentals, Notes, Chords, Strumming, Song Construction, Song Tutorials

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Technique and Theory Video Course For Intermediate Ukulele Players

Ready to take your your ukulele playing to the next level?

Learn the skills that make playing ukulele expressive and creative so that you can make your favourite songs sound more interesting.

If you love your ukulele and want to progress past open chords on the first 3 frets, add finger-picking, riffs, fiddly bits (improvisation), interesting strumming patterns and percussive techniques, then Ukulele Evolution is for you.

Modules include; Blues, Improvisation, Advanced Techniques, Finger-Picking, Rhythm and Strumming.

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Melody Unlocked | Strummer to Soloist on Ukulele

Unleash the Power of Melodies on Your Ukulele!

Course Overview:

Melody Unlocked is your gateway to a world of musical possibilities on the ukulele. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate player, this course will elevate your skills and unlock the magic of melodies.

What You'll Learn:

  • Play beautiful melodies on your ukulele, making your music captivating and recognizable.
  • Craft your own unique arrangements, adding your personal touch to your favorite tunes.
  • Dive into melody theory in a practical and engaging way.
  • Develop the skills to write your ukulele tablature like a pro.


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