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Alison Glew

Alison is the founder of Alison Glew Guitar School in Perth Western Australia.

She runs weekly (sold out) Ukulele Workshops, is the leader of Ukulele Jam an online community of over 480 ukulele musicians from all over the world and is the creator of the popular online courses Ukulele Evolution and Intro To Ukulele.

She is a guitar and ukulele teacher specialising in teaching contemporary music with over 30 years teaching experience.

Alison has helped thousands of students become confident musicians through her school and is well known for simplifying musical concepts so that students learn quickly and easily. 

Her mother, Jan Glew, taught guitar in Perth for 30 years and now many of those students bring their children to have lessons with Alison! 
Alison is a mother to two teenage daughters and easily relates to children.
She specialises in easily solving student problems in a creative way and making lessons fun, attainable but challenging.  
Students often come to lessons with a song in mind that they'd like to learn. Alison can quickly listen to the piece, arrange it and start teaching it to them within minutes. 
Alison sings and plays with students so they can hear how guitar accompanies a singer and helps them learn to synchronise with lyrics and other band members.
She has a very eclectic taste in music and is happy to teach students what they want to learn. 
Alison teaches theory in a practical way so that it is relevant, useful and interesting.

Ben Lazzaro

Ben Lazzaro is a very talented, relaxed and friendly teacher who has over 3 years experience teaching both children and adults. 
He is currently in his 3rd year at WAAPA studying contemporary music. This is a massive bonus for students wanting to learn guitar because not only can he play exceptionally well but he also understands theory at a high level which makes explaining guitar easy.
Ben loves rock, blues, jazz, pop and funk music but strongly encourages students to learn music they like to listen to.
Ben has taught many students over the past few years and enjoys the challenge of adapting his lessons to fit the student learning style and ability level. He believes that great lessons are those where students feel relaxed, encouraged and not afraid to ask questions. He likes to help students by helping them set goals and taking lessons one step at a time.
Achieving many music distinctions through High School and University has been a highlight of his music career. However, one of his most memorable music moments was meeting Joe Satriani!

David Petchell


Dave Petchell is a calm and good-humoured teacher with close to 10 years of music teaching experience.

He has studied music formally at TAFE and sat various AMEB exams in Classical Guitar and Theory. 

He began playing classical guitar when he was 7 years old and one of his first gigs was performing at the opening of the prestigious Mandurah Performing Arts Centre in 1997.

Since then he has performed at Challenge Stadium, SOTA and other Perth music festivals, been nominated for "WAM Song of the Year".

His band "My Shadow and I" has just been nominated again for the 2019 WAM Song of the Year Award" in the Punk/Hardcore category.

He has released recordings with many different artists and supported bands such as Panic! at the Disco, Eskimo Joe, 28 Days, The Getaway Plan and Strung Out.

Dave plays predominately Punk, Rock, Blues, Classical and Pop music and enjoys producing and recording his own tracks.

He has a relaxed and fun teaching vibe and enjoys encouraging students to choose their own musical direction at a pace they are most comfortable learning at.

He shows his students how to master the key concepts of the instrument regardless of the songs or styles the students wish to learn.

James Lilly

James Lilly is a friendly and relaxed teacher who has taught guitar students of various ages and levels.
James has completed a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma from in Music Performance at TAFE. He is currently in his 2nd year at WAAPA completing a Bachelor of Contemporary Music.
This study has enabled James to combine both technical skills and music theory into a great learning experience for students.

James enjoys involving students in the learning process and adapting lessons to suite the their individual needs.
James aims to teach practical music skills that develop  students in various musical styles and genres.
His definition of a great lesson is one where the student is engaged with and immersed in the music.
James loves Rock, Blues, Funk, Pop and Jazz. However he teaches students the music of their choice.
James has played a variety of gigs with original rock bands and cover groups. One highlight was playing at the 2017 WAMFest at “The Court”.
His most memorable “groupie” moment was meeting Mark Evans from AC/DC at a grocery store and getting his autograph on a store receipt.

Keenan Levis

Keenan Levis is an easy-going, relaxed but passionate musician and tutor who has experience teaching guitar students of all ages.

Keenan completed his final semester in WAAPA's 4 year Music Bachelor in Contemporary Music at the end of 2019.

He's been a music student since the age of 9 and a proud guitar-nerd since 11 years old!

After switching to electric guitar from piano, the world of rock 'n roll, soul, hip jop, jazz and pop classics have all become a central part of Keenan's life.

His passion for all things musical, combined with learning advanced guitar technique and music theory at WAAPA has allowed Keenan to be fabulous contemporary music teacher.

Keenan prefers to design unique lessons for individual students, taking into account their musical experience, personalities and interests.


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